2018 Cap-7 All-Conference Team

By Damian Hall 05/16/2018

The new-look Cap-7 conference has completed the 2018 campaign with Cardinal Gibbons as it's Champion. After one of the most competative years of conference competition in recent memory, here are the all-conference players:

Players of the Year

  • Player of the Year: Chris Wozencroft (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Offensive Players of the Year: Van Parker (Broughton)
  • Defensive Player of the Year:Edward Huffstetler (Broughton)
  • Coach of the Year:Franklink Zirkle (Leesville)
  • Assistant Coaches of the Year:Clay Long (Sanderson)

First Team:

  • Attack:
    • Van Parker (Broughton)
    • Adam Barry (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Sean O'Brien (Leesville)
    • Eric Stieber (Millbrook)
  • Midfield:
    • Jack Zarnik (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Ben Haugh (Broughton)
    • Caden Atkinson (Leesville)
    • Cole Jankowsky (Leesville) [FOGO]
  • Defense:
    • Edward Huffstetler (Broughton)
    • Logan Ritsema (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Nathan Grosshhandler (Leesville)
    • Drew Johnson (Millbrook)
    • Chris Wozencroft (Cardinal Gibbons) [LSM]
    • Colin Trom (Leesville) [LSM]
    • Jack Biestek (Cardinal Gibbons)[DM]
  • Goalie:
    • Riley Myer (Cardinal Gibbons)

Second Team:

  • Attack:
    • Brian Fitz (Leesville)
    • Zach Niemi (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Justin Mauzy (Sanderson)
  • Midfield:
    • Griffin Jeffries (Millbrook)
    • Gordon Guest (Broughton)
    • Will Stock (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Drew Lange (Millbrook) [FOGO]
  • Defense:
    • Austin Rohweder (Broughton)
    • Ty Kirchman (Sanderson)
    • Simeon Ruff (Leesville)
    • Kyle Muhs (Southeast Raleigh) [LSM]
    • Will Strickland (Cardinal Gibbons) [DM]
  • Goalie:
    • Kamden Williams (Leesville)

Third Team:

  • Attack:
    • Zack Blakeman (Leesville)
    • Joe Torres (Cardinal Gibbons)
    • Mark Honeycutt (Millbrook)
  • Midfield:
    • Samuel Culpepper (Enloe)
    • Eric Stoker (Millbrook)
    • Tyler Gray (Leesville)
    • Nick Gorman (Cardinal Gibbons) [FOGO]
  • Defense:
    • Rayshawn McMillian (Enloe)
    • Sam Neff (Millbrook)
    • Henry Lewis (Sanderson)
    • Alec Meyer (Millbrook) [LSM]
    • Carson Potts (Leesville) [DM]
  • Goalie:
    • John Pryor (Millbrook)
Information published as received from conference representative

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