2019 NCAA Championship Monday

By Damian Hall 05/27/2019

This Memorial day Weekend has been something great for triangle lax alumni! And we are excited to have one of our own competing in the DI national title game. Jack Biestek is a multi-sport athlete for the Yale Bulldogs. The Freshman defender is also a wide receiver on the football team.

Jack found the field in one football game and three lacrosse games during his freshman year. A testament to the level of competition faced at the collegiate level. Jack made is debut on the stat sheet when he picked up a ground ball in a win against Quinnipiac.

We had time to ask Jack a few quick questions about his first year at Yale:

You\'ve had a very busy freshman year as a dual sport athlete. What’s been the most challenging part of playing two sports and balancing an Ivy League work load?

I would say the most challenging part was time management on the day to day basis. Playing both sports taught me how to map out my day or week and find slots throughout the day where I could get work done for my classes. I learned that 30 mins here 20 mins there (before a practice or lift) really starts to add up and help get things done.

What is the biggest difference you’ve experienced going from HS to college lacrosse?

I would say the biggest difference is the speed of the game and how much quicker everything happens. You realize how small mistakes you made in HS are capitalized upon at the college level. Along with that, competing against stronger and more athletic players than in HS - everyone is a [top tier athlete].

What are you most excited about for championship weekend?

I’m most excited about getting to step on the field again with all my teammates - especially the seniors. The atmosphere and all that is really cool, but it’s those guys that make everything so fun.

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