2019 College Report: Week 3

By Damian Hall 02/28/2019

In 2019 we are going to do our best to gather information about triangle lax alumni playing in college and showcase them in a weekly article. If you have something to report, please send it in to info@trianglelax.com. We apologize for any missed tweets or other communications.


Davis Sampere: High Point (Leesville)

  • Virginia: (11-29FO, 5GB)
  • St. John's: (18-23FO, 11GB, 1G)

Jared Halverson: Goucher (Jordan)

  • Gettysburg: (1A, 1GB)

Marck Schachte: Rutgers (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Loyola: (1G, 1A, 4GB, 1CT)
  • >

Peyton Smith: Marist (Athens Drive)

  • Army: (14-18FO, 10GB)
  • >

Aiden Maron: St Johns (Jordan)

  • High Point: (1GB, 2CT, Covered Asher Nolting)
  • >

Ellis Llewellyn: Franklin & Marshall (East Chapel Hill)

  • Lynchburg: (2GB)

Connor Gronbach: Wingate (athens drive)

  • Rollins: (1G, 1A, 1GB)

Bobby Padden: Wingate (athens drive)

  • Rollins: (3G, 2A, 4GB, 1CT)

Joe Cooper: Wingate (Millbrook)

  • Rollins: (1G, 4GB)

Chris Alcorn: Pfeiffer (Athens Drive)

  • Neumann: (1A, 1GB)

Trevon King: Pfeiffer (Friendship)

  • Neumann: (1G, 1A, 2GB)

Jack Hayden: Hamden-Sydney (Apex)

  • Catholic: (1A, 1GB)

Tommy Deluca: Cabrini (Apex)

  • Lynchburg: (6CT, 4GB)

Nick Arcuri: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Christopher Newport: (16sv, 57%)
  • Cabrini: (17sv, 48%)

Keith Phillips: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Greensboro: (1GB, 1CT)

Garrett Patensky: Hamden-Sydney (Millbrook)

  • Christopher Newport: (1G, 2GB, 1CT)

Jared Medwar: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Christopher Newport: (1G, 2A)
  • Cabrini: (3G, 1GB)

Charlie Doetzer: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Christopher Newport: (1G, 2A)
  • Cabrini: (3G, 1GB)

Spencer Stokes: Pfeiffer (Apex)

  • Neumann: (1A, 2GB)

Corey Taylor: Methodist (Apex)

  • VA Wesleyan: (1GB)

Hunter Vaughn: Methodist (Friendship)

  • VA Wesleyan: (2G, 2A)

Andrew Mayefskie: Methodist (Holly Springs)

  • VA Wesleyan: (9GB, 2CT)

Marco Romero: Methodist (Panther Creek)

  • VA Wesleyan: (2CT)

Jack Diebolt: Bellmont Abbey (Middle Creek)

  • North Greenville: (1GB, 1CT)

Thomas Schmidt: Boston University (Jordan)

  • Sacred Heart: (1GB)

Patrick Rowe: Lincoln Memorial (Jordan)

  • UINDY: (1GB)


Jordan Lappin: Boston College (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • UMASS: (2G)

Grace Nelson: Virgina Tech (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Cincinatti: (1G, 2DC)
  • Duke: (1DC)

Madeline Bromley: Coastal Carolina University (Athens Drive)

  • Campbell: (3G, 3A, 2GB, 1CT)

Olivia Aschman: Colorado University (Ravenscroft)

  • Stony Brook: (1GB, 1CT)

Anna Collawn: Colorado University (Ravenscroft)

  • Stony Brook: (1GB)
  • Michigan: (2GB, 1CT, 1DC)

Meredith Champman: High Point University (Apex)

  • James Madison: (3GB, 2CT, 1DC)

Lydia Carbuccia: ECU (Durham Academy)

  • Deleware State: (1GB, 1CT)

Sam Caputo: ECU (Middle Creek)

  • George Washinton: (1GB, 1CT)

Maya Levin: Mary Washington (East Chapel Hill)

  • Lynchburg: (2DC)

Mia Castagnero: Richmond - Captain (Apex)

  • Virginia: (1G, 1CT)
  • American: (4G, 3GB, 1CT)

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