2019 College Report: Week 4

By Damian Hall 03/07/2019

We are a month into our new 2019 feature of presenting updates on alumni! We continue to do our best to gather information about triangle lax alumni playing in college and showcase them in a weekly article. Thank you to all those parents, coaches, and alumni who are sending in information. If you have something to report, please send it in to info@trianglelax.com. This past week 2/25-3/3 Triangle Lax alumni posted stats in 59 NCAA games that we were able to find! We apologize for any missed tweets or other communications.


Thomas Schmidt: Boston University (Jordan)
  • Bryant: (1GB,1CT)
Aiden Marron: St. Johns (Jordan)
  • Michigan: (1G)
Davis Sampere: High Point (Leesville)
  • Robert Morris: (3GB,7/17FO)
Jack Zarnik: Utah (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Furman: (1GB)
Mark Schachte: Rutgers (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Fairfield: (2GB,1CT)
Peyton Smith: Marist (Athens Drive)
  • Hartford: (1G,14GB,27/31FO)
  • Stony Brook: (8GB,15/19FO)
  • MAAC: Defensive Player of the week
  • USILA: Team of the Week
Jack Hayden: Hampden Sydney (Apex)
  • Cabrini: (1G)
  • Centre: (2G,2GB)
Jared Medwar: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)
  • Cabrini: (3G,1GB)
  • Centre: (4G,2A,2GB)
Charlie Doetzer: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)
  • Centre: (1GB)
Nick Arcuri: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)
  • Centre: (10sv - 71.4\%)
Garrett Patnesky: Hampden Sydney (Millbrook)
  • Centre: (1G,4GB)
Patrick Rowe: Lincoln Memorial (Jordan)
  • Alabama-Huntsville: (1GB)
Tommy Deluca: Cabrini (Apex)
  • HamdenSydney: (4GB)
  • Dickinson: (1G,4GB,4CT)
Jack Rodgers: Guilford (Athens Drive)
  • Methodist: (2GB,9sv - 53\%)
Bailey Benjamin: Guilford (Garner)
  • Methodist: (1GB)
Lane Tourtellot: Guilford (Broughton)
  • Methodist: (1GB,3CT)
Dakota Gross: Methodist (Fuquay-Varina)
  • Randolph: (1GB,1/3FO)
Hunter Vaughn: Methodist (Friendship)
  • Guilford: (1G)
  • Randolph: (1G,1A,1GB)
Andrew Mayefskie: Methodist (Holly Springs)
  • Guilford: (3GB,2CT)
  • Randolph: (1GB,1CT)
Corey Taylor: Methodist (Apex)
  • Guilford: (1CT)
Marco Romero: Methodist (Panther Creek)
  • Randolph: (1CT)
Spencer Stokes: Pfeiffer (Apex)
  • Brevard: (3G,2A,3GB,2CT)
Will Bender: Mount Olive (Apex)
  • Chowan: (2sv - 66\%)
Dylan Wolford: Westminster (Apex)
  • Mout Union: (1GB)
Adrian Brown: William Peace (Leesville)
  • Merchant Marine: (2GB)
Anthony Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)
  • Merchant Marine: (1A,1GB,1CT)
Walker Rice: William Peace (Broughton)
  • Merchant Marine: (2G,2A,3GB)
Kuleul Moore: William Peace (Wakefield)
  • Merchant Marine: (1sv - 100\%)
Sam Collie: William Peace (Jordan)
  • Merchant Marine: (1GB,1CT)
Treven King: Pfeiffer (Friendship)
  • Brevard: (1G,1A,1GB)
Conor Gronbach: Wingate (Athens Drive)
  • Palm Beach Atlantic: (1A,1GB)
Joe Cooper: Wingate (Millbrook)
  • Palm Beach Atlantic: (3G,1A,3GB)
Max Quinn: Mount Olive (Fuquay-Varina)
  • Chowan: (1G,1GB)
  • Lees McRae: (1G,1GB)


Jordin Lapin: Boston College (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Dartmouth: (2G)
  • USC: (1GB)
Grace Nelson: Virginia Tech (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Radford: (1A,2DC)
Reilly Reed: Virginia Tech (East Chapel Hill)
  • Old Dominion: (1G)
  • Radford: (3G,1A)
Meredith Chapman: High Point (Apex)
  • Old Dominion: (4GB,5CT,3DC)
  • Marquette: (3DC)
Lydia Carbuccia: ECU (Durham Academy)
  • St. Frances: (2GB,2CT)
Mia Castagnero: Richmond (Apex)
  • Liberty: (2G,1A,1DC)
Maddi Dunk: Duke (Durham Academy)
  • William & Mary: (1GB)
Maya Levin: Mary Washinton (East Chapel Hill)
  • Randolph-Macon: (1A,1GB)
Dana Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)
  • Hanover: (4G,3A,3GB,6CT,8DC)
  • Sweet Brier College: (5G,3A,6GB,6CT,5DC)
Tess Meurling: Old Dominion (Apex)
  • High Point: (1DC)
  • Davidson: (1DC)
Hayden Callahan: Davidson (Cardinal Gibbons)
  • Old Dominion: (1GB)
Shannon Wuff: Wofford (Chapel Hill)
  • Longwood: (1G,2GB)
Emily Beckman: Wofford (Apex)
  • Longwood: (2G)

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