2019 College Report: Week 6

By Damian Hall 03/21/2019

Another great week for Triangle Lax Alumni! This week players logged stats in almost 100 different contests combined! Congrats to all of them for their great success!


Conor Gronbach: Wingate (Athens Drive)

  • Mars Hill: (2A)

Bobby Padden: Wingate (Athens Drive)

  • Mars Hill: (2G,1A,2GB)

Joe Cooper: Wingate (Millbrook)

  • Mars Hill: (1G,3GB)

Jack Rogers: Guilford (Athens Drive)

  • Westminster: (4GB,10sv - 47\%)
  • Randolph Macon: (4GB,1CT,10sv - 40\%)

Lane Tourtellot: Guilford (Broughton)

  • Randolph Macon: (1GB,1CT)

Nick Honkomp: Guilford (Rolesville)

  • Westminster: (1A)

Cam Roberts: Guilford (Athens Drive)

  • Westminster: (3GB)
  • Randolph Macon: (1CT)

Logan Ristema: Salisbury (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Illinois Wesleyan: (1GB,1CT)
  • Montclair St: (2GB)

Tyler Thompson: Salisbury (Jordan)

  • Illinois Wesleyan: (1/2FO)
  • Montclair St: (1GB,2/3FO)

Thomas Schmidt: Boston U (Jordan)

  • Bucknell: (1A,1GB,1CT)

Aiden Maron: St. Johns (Jordan)

  • Hofstra: (1GB)

Jack Hayden: Hamden-Sydney (Apex)

  • Randolph: (2G,1A,1CT)

Jared Medwar: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Randolph: (2G,3A)

Charlie Doetzer: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Randolph: (2G,1A)

Nick Arcuri: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Randolph: (3sv - 50\%)

Will Flynt: Hamden-Sydney (Friendship)

  • Randolph: (2GB)

Augy White: Hamden-Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • Randolph: (1G,1A)

Quinn Rundgren: Marietta (Fuquay-Varina)

  • Chatham: (2G,1A)
  • Calvin: (1G,2A,2GB,1CT)

Davis Sampere: High Point (Leesville)

  • VMI: (12GB,17/19FO)

Jared Halverson: Goucher (Jordan)

  • Gordon: (1G,1A,2GB)

Mark Schachte: Rutgers (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Lehigh: (2GB)

Tommy Deluca: Cabrini (Apex)

  • Ohio Wesleyan: (4GB,2CT)
  • Whittier: (7GB,3CT)
  • AEC Weekly Honor Roll

Hunter Vaughan: Methodist (Friendship)

  • William Peace: (2G,2A)
  • Brevard: (1G,1A,3GB)

Andrew Mayefskie: Methodist (Holly Springs)

  • William Peace: (1G,6GB,2CT)
  • Brevard: (3GB,2CT)

Corey Taylor: Methodist (Apex)

  • William Peace: (2GB)

Marco Romero: Methodist (Panther Creek)

  • William Peace: (1GB)
  • Brevard: (1CT)

Jackson Bingham: Methodist (Holly Springs)

  • William Peace: (1GB,1CT)

Peyton Smith: Marist (Athens Drive)

  • Monmouth: (2GB,2CT,9/19FO)

Adrian Brown: William Peace (Leesville)

  • Methodist: (2G)
  • Southwestern: (1G,1A,2GB,1/4FO)

Anthony Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Methodist: (1G,1GB,2CT)
  • Southwestern: (1A,5GB,2CT)

Patrick Williams: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Methodist: (1GB)

Walker Rice: William Peace (Broughton)

  • Methodist: (1A,2GB)
  • Southwestern: (3G,1A,4GB)

Kuleul Moore: William Peace (Wakefield)

  • Southwestern: (2sv - 50\%)

Sam Collie: William Peace (Jordan)

  • Southwestern: (1CT)

Jordan Fitzpatick: Pfeiffer (Carrboro)

  • Franciscan: (1CT)
  • Southwestern (TX): (1GB)
  • Averett: (1GB)

Jacob Leone: Pfeiffer (Millbrook)

  • Franciscan: (2G,1A,3GB,1CT)
  • Southwestern (TX): (1G,1A,1GB)
  • Averett: (4G,3A,6GB,1CT)

Zach Berry: Pfeiffer (Cedar Ridge)

  • Franciscan: (2sv - 50\%)
  • Southwestern (TX): (1sv - 50\%)
  • Averett: (1sv - 33\%)

Jaylin Jones: Pfeiffer (Orange)

  • Southwestern (TX): (1A,4GB,1CT)
  • Averett: (1GB)

Chris Alcorn: Pfeiffer (Athens Drive)

  • Franciscan: (1G,3GB)
  • Southwestern (TX): (1GB)
  • Averett: (1G,2GB)

Spencer Stokes: Pfeiffer (Apex)

  • Franciscan: (2G,1A,1GB)
  • Southwestern (TX): (2GB)

Alex Baker: Queens (Apex)

  • Lincoln Memorial: (1GB)

Dylan Wolford: Westminster (Apex)

  • Greensboro: (1GB)
  • Guilford: (2GB)


Reilly Reed: Virginia Tech (East Chapel Hill)

  • Freson State: (1GB)

Oliva Aschman: Colorado (Ravenscroft)

  • California: (1GB,2CT)
  • Southern Cal: (2GB,2CT)
  • Arizona State: (3GB,2CT)

Meredith Chapman: High Point (Apex)

  • Johns Hopkins: (1G,1A,5GB,5CT,4DC)
  • Hofstra: (3GB,3CT,2DC)

Sam Caputo: East Carolina (Middle Creek)

  • Old Dominion: (1GB,1DC)
  • Campbell: (1GB)

Ansley Harris: Meredith (Apex)

  • Lynchburg: (1CT)

Haley Whitfield: Meredith (Middle Creek)

  • Salisbury: (4sv - 30\%)

Mia Castagnero: Richmond (Apex)

  • Presbyterian: (1G)
  • Villanova: (4G)

Dana Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Hollins: (2G,3A,8GB,4CT,8DC)
  • NC Wesleyan: (5G,3A,4GB,4CT,4DC)

Abigail Germino: William Peace (Chapel Hill)

  • Hollins: (3sv - 38\%)
  • NC Wesleyan: (1sv - 17\%)

Tess Meurling: Old Dominion (Apex)

  • Longwood: (2DC)

Emily Beckman: Wofford (Apex)

  • Hartford: (1A)

Shannon Wulff: Wofford (Chapel Hill)

  • Butler: (1G)
  • Hartford: (1G,1A,1GB)

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