2019 College Report: Week 7

By Damian Hall 03/29/2019

We are a little behind this week with our alumni update, but we didn’t forget about them. So many players continue to do great things at the next level. Congrats to everyone on the successes so far this season.

If someone is missing please be sure to share their bio and stats for next week’s list!


Peyton Smith: Marist (Athens Drive)

  • Manhattan: (6GB,12/15FO)

Treven King: Pfeiffer (Friendship)

  • Guilford: (2G,1A,2GB)

Spencer Stokes: Pfeiffer (Apex)

  • Guilford: (3GB,1CT)
  • USA South Defensive Player of the Week

Jacob Leone: Pfeiffer (Millbrook)

  • Guilford: (2A)
  • Methodist: (3G,3A,1GB)

Jordan Fitzpatrick: Pfeiffer (Carrboro)

  • Guilford: (1GB)
  • Methodist: (3GB)

Jaylin Jones: Pfeiffer (Orange)

  • Guilford: (1GB)
  • Methodist: (1GB)

Chris Alcorn: Pfeiffer (Athens Drive)

  • Methodist: (1A)

Bobby Padden: Wingate (Athens Drive)

  • Catawba: (2G,2GB,3CT)
  • Mt. Olive: (2G,1GB,1CT)

Connor Gronbach: Wingate (Athens Drive)

  • Catawba: (2G,1A,2GB)
  • Mt. Olive: (3G,1A,1GB)

Joe Cooper: Wingate (Millbrook)

  • Catawba: (1G,1A)
  • Mt. Olive: (2G,1A)

Jack Rogers: Guilford (Athens Drive)

  • Pfeiffer: (3GB,16sv - 55\%)
  • Roanoke: (4GB,31sv - 64\%)

Thomas Schmidt: Boston (Jordan)

  • Harvard: (3GB,2CT)
  • Lafayette: (1GB)

Aiden Marron: St. Johns (Jordan)

  • Dartmouth: (2GB,2CT)
  • Umass-Lowell: (2GB,2CT)

Jack Hayden: Hampden Sydney (Apex)

  • W&L: (1G,1A)

Tommy DeLuca: Cabrini (Apex)

  • York: (1A,9GB,7CT)
  • Atlantic East Conference Defender of the Week
  • USILA DIII Team of the Week

Corey Taylor: Methodist (Apex)

  • Hendrix: (1GB)

Dylan Wolford: Westminster (Apex)

  • Hampton: (1G,1GB)

Jared Medwar: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • W&L: (1G,3A)

Charlies Doetzer: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • W&L: (1GB)

Nick Arcuri: Hampden Sydney (Middle Creek)

  • W&L: (16sv - 50\%)

Will Flynt: Hampden Sydney (Friendship)

  • W&L: (2GB,1CT)

Quinn Rundgren: Marietta (Fuquay-Varina)

  • Bethany: (2G,1GB)
  • Heidelberg: (1G,2A,7GB,2CT)

Patrick Rowe: Lincoln Memorial (Jordan)

  • Mars Hill: (1GB)
  • Catawba: (1GB,1CT)

Davis Sampere: High Point (Leesville)

  • Jacksonville: (3GB,12/21FO)

Mark Schachte: Rutgers (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Hofstra: (2G)

Hunter Vaughn: Methodist (Friendship)

  • Hendrix: (2G,1GB)
  • Pfeiffer: (2G,2GB)

Andrew Mayefskie: Methodist (Holly Springs)

  • Hendrix: (6GB,2CT)
  • Pfeiffer: (4GB,1CT)

Marco Romero: Methodist (Panther Creek)

  • Hendrix: (1GB,2CT)
  • Pfeiffer: (3GB,1CT)

Adrian Brown: William Peace (Leesville)

  • Bridgewater: (2G,1A)
  • Brevard: (2G,1A,1GB)

Anthony Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Bridgewater: (2G,2A,2GB,1CT)
  • Brevard: (1G,1A,6GB,3CT)

Patrick Williams: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Brevard: (2GB)

Walker Rice: William Peace (Broughton)

  • Bridgewater: (1G)
  • Brevard: (1G,3A,5GB)

Sam Collie: William Peace (Jordan)

  • Bridgewater: (1GB)

Tyler Thompson: Salisbury (Jordan)

  • Geneseo: (1/3FO)

Logan Ristema: Salisbury (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Geneseo: (1CT)

Lane Tourtellot: Guilford (Broughton)

  • Roanoke: (2GB)

Nick Honkomp: Guilford (Rolesville)

  • Roanoke: (1GB)

Cam Roberts: Guilford (Holly Springs)

  • Roanoke: (3GB,1CT)


Jordan Lappin: Boston College (Cardinal Gibbons)

  • Albany: (2G,1GB)
  • UNC: (2G,1CT)

Reilly Reed: Virginia Tech (East Chapel Hill)

  • Louisville: (2G)

Anna Collawn: Colorado (Ravenscroft)

  • Oregon: (2GB)

Olivia Aschman: Colorado (Ravenscroft)

  • Oregon: (3GB,4CT)

Merdith Chapman: High Point (Apex)

  • Towson: (1G,3GB,2CT,3DC)

Lydia Carbuccia: East Carolina (Durham Academy)

  • Longwood: (1GB,2CT)

Madeline Bromley: Coastal Carolina (Athens Drive)

  • Uconn: (1G,4A)
  • William & Mary: (2A)
  • Kent State: (3G,2A)

Oliva Blake: Meredith (Friendship)

  • Methodist: (3G)
  • Mary Washington: (1GB)

Ansley Harris: Meredith (Apex)

  • Mary Washington: (1GB,2CT)

Haley Whitfield: Meredith (Middle Creek)

  • Methodist: (1sv - 100\%)
  • Mary Washington: (11sv - 40\%)

Mia Castagnero: Richmond (Apex)

  • George Mason: (3G,1A)

Dana Florian: William Peace (Millbrook)

  • Pfeiffer: (5G,8GB,3CT,8DC)
  • Averett: (1G,5GB,1CT,4DC)

Juliana Jaynes: William Peace (Holly Springs)

  • Pfeiffer: (1GB)

Abigail Germino: William Peace (Chapel Hill)

  • Pfeiffer: (4sv - 25\%)
  • Averett: (8sv - 22\%)

Shannon Wulff: Wofford (Chapel Hill)

  • Winthrop: (1GB,1CT)

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