2019 Conference 3 Girls All-Conference

By Damian Hall 05/21/2019

Conference 3, for the girls, is a mix of the NAC and the Big-8. A large and competitive conference saw an excellent 2019 season. East Chapel HIll came out on top of this year's conference. At the end of the season the coaches have named the following players to the all-conference team.

Player of Year

Flynn Reed, East Chapel Hill High School

Rookie of the Year

Brooke Szczypinski, Heritage High School

Goalie of the Year

Madi Horrell, Northwood High School

Coach of the Year

Jessica Jones, East Chapel Hill High School

East Chapel Hill

  • Flynn Reed
  • Talia Zuco
  •  Shoshana Haley
  •  Natalie Enyedi
  •  Molly Reed
  •  Riley Wernoski
  •  Riley Ellis

Chapel Hill

  • Alleigh Kempf
  • Ella Fine
  • Anna Blythe
  • Enid MacLean
  • Zoe Bunch
  • Lucy Schraff


Wake Forest 

  • Daisy Colvin
  • Olivia John
  • Grace Whitcomb
  • Morgan Probasco
  • Amelia Lester


  • Sydney Garff
  • Brooke Szczypinski
  • Maggie Clark
  • Emma Romano


  • Meredith Mann
  • Brennan Elms
  • Megan Kephart


  • Tyler Hollowell
  • Charolette Ellis


  • Crystin Williams


  • Kendall LaBerge

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