2019 NCISAA Girl's All-State Teams

By Damian Hall 06/27/2019

The private school athletic conference coaches, has named its all-state team for the girl's division. This year the coaches came together to name these amazing young women to the all-state team. The NCISAA does not do position-specific voting, rather votes on the most impactful players in the state. Congratulations to all that made the list!

Div. I Girls Lacrosse

  • Anna West - Durham Academy
  • Brooke Epstein - Durham Academy
  • Charlotte Easley - Durham Academy
  • Brooke Baker - Ravenscroft School
  • Caitlyn Hankins - Ravenscroft School
  • Mikaela Crawford - Ravenscroft School
  • Emmy Replogle - Ravenscroft School
  • Grace Goetz - Cary Academy
  • Helen Noone - Greensboro Day School
  • Sadie Charles Calame - Charlotte Country Day School
  • Addie Riley - Charlotte Country Day School
  • Jordy Miller - Charlotte Country Day School
  • Emily Cory - Charlotte Country Day School
  • CeCe Colombo - Charlotte Latin School
  • Gracie Colombo - Charlotte Latin School
  • Megan Klingenburg - Charlotte Latin School
  • Casey Thomsen - Charlotte Latin School
  • Carter Barlow - Charlotte Latin School

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