2019 Week 8/9 Top Ten

By Damian Hall 04/29/2019

Just like that the regular season is over. We apologize for missing the posting of the week 8 top 10. There weren't a lot of games played and no big shifts in the top 10. Here is a quick run down of what week 8 looked like:

Week 8


  1. Cardinal Gibbons
  2. Ravenscroft
  3. East Chapel Hill
    • Beat Chapel Hill
    • Beat Durham Academy
  4. Middle Creek
  5. Apex
  6. Durham Academy
    • Lost to East Chapel Hill
    • Beat Cary Academy
  7. Broughton
  8. Holly Springs
  9. Cary Academy
    • Lost to Durham Academy
    • Beat Greensboro Day
  10. Panther Creek


  1. Middle Creek
  2. Cardinal Gibbons
    • Lost to Landon (MD)
    • Lost to Bullis (MD)
  3. Wakefield
  4. Apex
  5. Broughton
  6. East Chapel Hill
    • Win against Chapel HIll
    • Win against Northern Durham
  7. Leesville
  8. Heritage
  9. Chapel Hill
    • Loss to East Chapel Hill
    • Beat Carrboro
    • Beat Southern Durham
  10. Jordan
    • Beat Cedar Ridge

Week 9

Week 9 was a whole different story! Week 9 was filled with a bunch of games as teams scrambled to make up conference games, senior nights, and make a big push for the playoffs. The result has the top tens all shaken up. The results are some changes to our top 10!


10: Holly Springs Golden Hawks

The Hawks had a tough week with run ins with Middle Creek and Apex. They hold on in the top 10 as they host a playoff date with Jordan on Wednesday in the first round of the playoffs. Winner of that game will take on New Bern.

9: Cary Academy Chargers

The Chargers lost their second match up with Durham Academy in week 9. Cary Academy will be looking to finish the regular season strong with two conference games against St. Mary's and Ravenscroft.

8: Panther Creek Catamounts

Panther Creek exited the regular season on the hunt. They took out conference opponents Jordan and Pinecrest to secure the #1 conference seed going into the tournament. The Catamounts will play with winner of Topsail and Apex Friendship in the second round on Friday.

7: Broughton Capitals

The Caps scooped up 3 easy wins to end the 2019 regular season and lock in second place in the Cap-7. They will play Pinecrest in the second round on Friday night.

6: Durham Academy Cavaliers

The Cavaliers knocked out two conference wins against St. Davids and Cary Academy. They will close the regular season against Ravenscroft and Charlotte Latin.

5: Apex Cougars

The Cougars split the final week of the regular season dropping a heavy loss to Ravenscroft but beating Cary Academy. Apex will play Chapel Hill in the 2nd round on Friday night.

4: Middle Creek Mustangs

Middle Creek notched two lop-sided victories over Chapel Hill and Holly Springs. They will face the winner of Green Hope and Apex Friendship on Friday night.

3: East Chapel Hill Wildcats

East took down conference opponents Wakefield and Chapel Hill to secure the #1 spot for the conference heading into the playoffs. The Wildcats will play Northside-Jacksonville on Friday night in Chapel Hill.

2: Ravenscroft Ravens

The Ravens toppled #5 Apex and also took out conference opponent St. Mary's. They close the regular season with games against Durham Academy, Cary Academy, and St. Mary's.

1: Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders

The Crusaders end the season with a shut out win over Enloe. The run for their fourth consecutive State Championship begins Friday night when they take on Wilmington's Ashley High School.



10: Jordan Falcons

Jordan holds on to the #10 spot for the 3rd week in a row. The Falcons defeated Cary, Riverside, and Green Hope to lock up their claim as the Tri-6 regular season champion. They will host Apex Friendship on Friday night in the playoffs.

9: Durham Academy Cavaliers

DA makes its first appearance in the top 10 for 2019. The Cavs beat Ravenscoft, Cary Academy, and Chapel Hill in week 9. They will close the regular season with games against NRCA and Cary Academy in an attempt to win the conference championship.

8: Leesvile Pride

Leesville drops a spot in week 9, more due to the success of others. Leesville beat Enloe to close the regular season. The Pride will host Athens Drive on Friday night.

7: Heritage Huskies

The Huskies are up one spot after closing the regular season with wins against Rolesville and Wake Forest. Heritage will play Apex in the first round on Friday night.

6: Broughton Capitals

The Caps slip a spot after a light malfunction shortened their game against Millbrook with the Wildcats leading by two at the time. They will face Middle Creek in the first round of the playoffs.

5: East Chapel Hill Wildcats

East went 3-0 in week 9 with wins over Northwood, Southern Durham and Cedar Ridge. They will open up the playoffs with a game against Southern Alamance on Friday night.

4: Apex Cougars

Apex finished the regular season with a win over Fuquay Varina. The Cougars will face #7 Heritage in the first round of the playoffs.

3: Wakefield Wolverines

Wakefield added to its resume with games against Wake Forest and picked up a late game against Panther creek. The Wolverines will face Holly Springs in the open round of the playoffs.

2: Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders

The Crusaders to their annual pilgrimage to MD to face two big teams in Landon and Bullis. Gibbons drop both games before returning home to play Enloe and win. The Crusaders will play Ashley in the opening round.

1: Middle Creel Mustangs

The Mustangs are hold on tight to their #1 ranking. Middle Creek beat Apex Friendship and Holly springs to maintain their position. They will host #6 Broughton in the first round of the playoffs.

That concludes the second to LAST poll we will run before a final top 10 to be putout after the season is over.

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