2020 Girls Virtual State Tournament

By Damian Hall 05/02/2020

Set Up

After a fun and exciting conference championship round, here comes the virtual state championship! We are running a 48-team championship based on the conference tournament results. We did our best to be fair and allow every team an opportunity to compete based on the results of the conference championships. As such, we took a few of the highest voted teams, that did not make the wild card spots in the east, and put them as wild cards in the west.

Rankings were done using the Lax Numbers North Carolina rankings. We understand that this is by no means perfect, and that some teams got to play more than others. It is a third party, unbiased system so we are going with it! Remember, all you have to do is get out and vote and your favorite team will have a good chance at moving forward!

Polls will be run on Twitter.


We are doing our best to get word out to the western teams that we are doing this so they can get their fan bases involved! As such we are going to start voting with the

Here is the voting schedule for the tournament:

Monday, May 4th: East 1st Round

Tuesday, May 5th: West 1st Round

Thursday, May 7th: East 2nd Round

Friday: May 8th: West 2nd Round

Monday, May 10th: Regional Quarter Finals

Wednesday, May 12th: Regional Semi Finals

Friday, May 14th: Regional Finals

Monday, May 17th: State Championship




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